celebrating california cuisine




Alta Group started as Alta CA, a free-standing restaurant in the mid-Market area of San Francisco. With its innovative design, large bar and fun, high energy atmosphere, it was a success from day one. Alta's core values - hospitality, deliciousness and accessibility - resonated with the neighborhood and it became a popular gathering place. That restaurant evolved into Alta Group, a collection of community-focused fine dining restaurants. 

We chose the name Alta because it carries with it so many stories that weave in the history of this region and its people. Alta California was the name of the vast territory carved out of the western United States north of Baja California. In Spanish, Alta means upper, taken from the Latin meaning great, fed, cherished, sustained, and nourished. Alta California ceased to exist with the creation of the State of California in 1850, and became the name of the San Francisco newspaper that published Mark Twain's writing.

Our menu celebrates the best of our region. It reflects who we are now -- the exquisite ingredients, the vibrant culture, and everything that is great about California.

Eat Together

Enjoy the company of friends, family and the community

Please kindly note that we do not accept reservations for lunch Mon-Fri at Alta MSP. Lunch is offered as counter service.


We make food we want to eat, comforting dishes with bright, savory flavors. From pristine local ingredients to the influences of generations of immigrants, our cooking honors the traditions of California and the people who live here.  

Our menu features snacks like warm olives, grilled bread with smoked cod, and deviled eggs.  There are a selection of vegetable dishes, handmade pastas, and some larger format plates, perfect for sharing. For dessert, soft serve sundaes.

At Alta we love to party and we love cocktails! Whether we're stirring up the perfect classic or using fresh local produce as inspiration, our drinks are all about deliciousness and fun.

Our wine list features small production and natural wines from California and Europe. We look for wines that celebrate the personality of the winemakers as well as the land they were grown on.